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The Missing Paw Team


For Missing & Stolen Dogs

The Missing Paw Team was originally formed as a Facebook group. It is run by volunteers with the aim of helping people in the Bexley area find their missing dogs. 

During 2018 pet theft has risen alarmingly and the numbers of dogs disappearing is growing on a daily basis. Dog owners are increasingly turning to social media sites to publicise the disappearance of their pet and to attract much needed support in searching for them.  The more publicity a missing pet receives, the better their chance of being reunited with their owner.


We have chosen a not for profit structure. All of our volunteers donate their time for free. 


All income is generated through sales of goods at stalls, raffles, bonus ball lottery and donations.


The company has been created to help the owners of lost & stolen pets throughout London & Kent borders and support those owners that need help with rehoming animals and short term boarding placements.


We can provide short term rescue placement until a permanent home can be found with larger organisations. We can also accommodate 28 day retainer from the local council for lost dogs.


We hope that it can spread to the rest of the UK.


We offer free scanning to the following:-


🔶 Dogs found by the public. They   

      must be contained.


🔷 Deceased dogs following an RTC


🔶 Deceased and injured cats. They 

      must be contained.


We can attend to microchip check cats that may have wandered into your garden or cats that you are not sure if they are lost but a fee of £2.00 per scan is charged.


We can also provide a cat trapping service. We provide the trap for a small fee. 




Hoax calls and prank calls can be distressing and frightening for anyone so We have provided some advice to help.


There is currently a national campaign of hoax calls targeting owners of missing & stolen dogs.

In the event that your dog is missing for any length of time you may receive a hoax call demanding money for their return.

Putting your phone number on missing stolen posters could make you a target for this.

The call will usually be from a withheld number, by someone who states they have your dog and will release him or her for a large amount of money (£500) via bank transfer. 

They will state that the police should not be involved otherwise they will threaten to Kill the dog or use it for baiting.

They will refuse to provide proof that they have the dog.

They will suggest that they will tie the dog up at an agreed location once they have received half the money e.g. £250 via bank transfer and call to arrange the second payment. 

If you pay and go to this location you WILL NOT receive another call. You will not get the money back.

If you do receive one of these calls then We advise the following: -

  • Remain calm.

  • Record the telephone call from another device.

  • Ask for photographic proof that they have the dog. This should be a recently dated newspaper in a photo of the dog.

  • Ask for bank details but DO NOT PAY.

  • If you are able to gain bank details or they call from a mobile number without withholding it then this can be investigated by your Police force.


If you are unable to obtain details then this needs to be reported to: -


General advice regarding posters


  • Only add you first name.

  • Do not disclose your full address publicly.

  • Do not advertise the cash value of any reward.

  • Do not advertise your pets microchip number publicly.

  • State that your dog is neutered and no use for breeding.

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Donate to us



We have recently set up a donations account with PayPal to help with the costs of ink and paper etc to help support owners. We also have a bonus ball starting 25th August with a prize of £25 each week if we sell all balls or 50/50 split if we don't. PayPal account is Thank you ❤️❤️

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Useful Information

Here is some useful information.

Vets Details in our area

Dog Wardens in our area




My family and I want to thank you everyone who tirelessly came out to search for Clyde.


A HUGE thank you Vicki, Claire and all the team at The Missing Paw Team who constantly helped work with me from day one to help find Clyde... I will forever be in your debt and I cannot find words to express how thankful I am for you to stuck with me until he came home.



Thank you for all your help with getting Roxy back. She is doing really well. All checked out and she is a healthy and happy staffie.

There's so many good people out there and with out the power of Facebook and this site we would never have got her back. Thanks to everyone that shared our posts and helped find Roxy.



The week before Christmas my dog went missing, the day after he was missing I was contacted by Missing Paw Team UK and wow! They were amazing it was a long 7 days and 8 nights max was missing but with their help support advice and coming out to help search we got him home! Thank you so much !!!!!

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