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If you are an owner who has lost your dog and require our assistance then please read the following post.

🔸We require you to complete the online Missing dog form on our website before we can a act for you.
This allows us to obtain your consent to proceed.

🔹All personal data is covered by the GDPR regulations and not passed to a third party. However certain data will be passed to third parties for the purpose of reunification of your dog. These details will be their breed, age, sex, colour, and your mobile telephone number. These will be added to The Missing dog poster and will be circulated in the public domain.

🔸If you do not wish your own telephone number to be on the missing dog poster We will provide you with one for the purpose of the poster and will monitor that phone for information.

🔹Our volunteer scanners and search team are all bound by confidentiality and will not share your information to a third party but will share between themselves for the purpose of reunification.

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