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Debbie Connolly is a Verified Member of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses and a member of the Pet Professional Guild. She assesses, reports and appears as a court witness for DDA cases from Yorkshire, through East and West Midlands, Home Counties to London. Other areas considered.


What do you do if you have lost your dog!

If you lose your dog or cat then please follow this useful guide. Reporting the the following within the first hour is vital to get your dog home 

I have listed in order of priority -

1) Register with us below

2) Notify your dogs chip company and request the dog be marked missing.

3) Contact the dog warden via your council.

4) If your dog has been stolen contact police on 101 and request a crime reference number. The police need someone to have witnessed the theft to Mark as stolen.

5) Contact all the local vets within a 5 mile radius and email them a poster.

6) Add your dog to as many lost and stolen groups on Facebook as possible including the missing poster of your dog.

7) Email or call local groomers, dogwalkers, pet services, dog related services and ask them to post the missingposter on their Facebook pages.

8) Create a Facebook group to help collate sightings and general information for the public to share and follow.

9) Put posters on lampposts in local roads shops, cafes, close to where the dog was lost. Place the poster in plastic wallets with the opening towards the bottom and sellotape over the opening to prevent the rain entering the poster.


10) Inform Highways on 0300 123 5000


11) Inform Network Rail on 0345 711 4141


12) If lost near water inform Canals & River Authority on 0303 0404040/ 0800 4799947



If you need further advice contact The Missing Paw Team UK Via email, telephone or FB 

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